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Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script (MDCS) as a tool for Model Builder

Question asked by mappers_mapping on Feb 8, 2017
I am working with the Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script (MDCS) on the Esri GitHub (GitHub - Esri/mdcs-py: MDCS is an acronym for Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script and is the entry point to a collection… ). A little more information on it can also be found here: 
I have had success with running it on Command Prompt.
However, what I really need is to make a tool out of the scripts to work in Model Builder.
1.   How do I go about loading all the separate python script files into a tool?
2.   How does the xml configuration file go into being used by a tool?
3.   Do they all need to be inputs to
4.   Can this be done in a script tool or does it need to be done in a python toolbox tool?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.