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Feature Request: Status Change Dashboard Notifications for Tasks

Question asked by johnmdye on Feb 8, 2017

The Workforce for ArcGIS FAQ indicated this would be the place to drop a line about a feature request.
We have a need for our Back-Office associates (ie. "Dispatchers"), to receive active alerts or notifications when the status of a task changes. Currently, the way Workforce is designed, when the status of a task is changed by the Field Worker, it is updated in the dataset but the dispatcher must continually check the status manually.


My customers want some type of notification capability that informs them when a status has changed. Perhaps this kind of capability is already present and it is just more subtle and we haven't noticed it. If that were the case, I'd like to ask for a configuration option to make change notifications more noticeable. Perhaps something like the Growl-style notifications used in ArcMap for Background Geoprocessing or maybe a simple Alert badge sitting in a notification drawer. Just something to inform my dispatchers "<worker> changed the status of <task> from <a> to <b>".