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Widget constrained to map height

Question asked by torinth on Feb 7, 2017

Hi, we have built html that that we inject into the map using mapView.ui.add(theElement, "top-left").  This properly positions it in the top left and if we have multiple it stacks and margins them like expected which is great.


One of our widgets has an expander that expands the height of the widget.  What we would like is for when that is expanded to take up as much height as possible while stopping at the bottom of the map.  Currently when we try this the widget will expand behind the map and clip off the bottom.


Is it possible to set some css or something on a widget we insert into the map so that it doesn't clip off the bottom and instead stops at the bottom?  We are putting in a scroller in the content area of the widget and the scroller should activate when it hits the bottom of the map and stops.