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Feature service not executing DB triggers

Question asked by pinghanling on Feb 7, 2017
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I'm working on ArcGIS 10.4.2 in Windows.


I have published a feature service to our ArcGIS Server and then added the service to our Portal from a feature class that has Editor Tracking and attachments enabled. In the database I created a sequence called TreeNumber, which I increment with a trigger on the table (feature class) after insert. It is seperate from the ObjectID.

If I add a feature in ArcMap, everything is fine - the attachment works and the TreeNumber is assigned and saved.

If I add a feature using JSON, talking directly to the REST endpoint, TreeNumber is assigned and saved. (I haven't worked out how  to add an attachment through the REST endpoint.)

If I add a feature in a Webmap, the attachment works but the TreeNumber is NULL after saving.

If I add a feature in a WebApp (built in WebApp Builder), the attachment works in IE but not in Chrome or Firefox. In all of them the TreeNumber remains NULL.


The Portal uses https and a web adaptor and is on the same server as the ArcGIS server.

The data is in a SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Geodatabase on a server separate from the ArcGIS server.


Can anyone help me with this?