Feature Layer (hosted) - View-only/Edit Small Group Question

Discussion created by meperko on Feb 6, 2017
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Hi.  We have a group of users who have very little technical knowledge but have been tasked with maintaining a point feature class.  My team has been tasked with developing a solution in ArcGIS Online that allows them to edit a feature layer, but allows "everyone" to view the live data.  While keeping the solution as simple as possible for the editors.


The feature in ArcGIS Online where you can configure a group that allows group members to edit a feature layer and allows view-only sharing outside the group of the same feature layer seems like the perfect solution.  However, from what we can tell, you cannot permanently add the feature layer/data to a web map and keep it editable. Nor can you add the feature layer on-the-fly to a web map you've already opened.  


As a result, the solution seems to require that editors open the feature layer for editing and then add all of the services they need to the map each time they edit.  If true, this would be very cumbersome.


So, my question is:  Is this the only way it works?  Is there a way to allow editors to use saved maps?


The alternative where there is an editable feature layer for editing and a copy for public viewing is even more complicated.


Any ideas are appreciated.  Thanks.