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Problem with sql view union between two feature classes

Question asked by kdunlop on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by kdunlop

Hi all,


I am having a problem with a view I created in our database. 


Background: We have a section of county that is on a military base.  They maintain their own roads but we have a agreement that we can assist with EMS services as needed.  A few years ago, they re-addressed their roads but allow residents to use either the new or the old address.  For our 911 system we need to create a feature class that shows all roads and with duplicated records for roads with old names.  All other applications do not need the old names so we do not want to include in our normal road centerline feature class.   So we have our normal road centerline (CENPWC) feature class and a separate feature class for the old names (CENQMCB_old).  I want to union (via a view) them together so that I have single view with both sets of roads.   Both feature classes are versioned.


Environment: Oracle 11g with SDE 10.3.1



    SELECT cenpwc_evw.globalid,
     FROM cenpwc_evw
     SELECT cenqmcb_old_evw.globalid,
     FROM cenqmcb_old_evw


*Note, I will add the other attributes in later after I get it to work in ArcMap.


Error:  When I bring it into ArcMap, and open the attribute table it reads about half the records then I get the following error:

"Error reading OID from table. Reading rows has been stopped.  Check that the datasource is valid.

The given coordinate references are incompatible

The operation is not supported by this implementation."


Both feature classes have the same coordinate system and extents.  The view works fine when I view it in Oracle's SQL Developer. 


What am I missing?  Thanks.