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ArcGIS API 4.2 for JavaScript - Custom Widgets without TypeScript

Question asked by deleted-user-iPdcWUgWcsoy on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by deleted-user-iPdcWUgWcsoy

Hello Community,


perhaps an Esri staff could help me out.


We develop a web application with the ArcGIS API 4.2 for JavaScript. There were many changes after the beta phase of 4.0 to the official release. We handled this issue with a couple of days development. After that there were a couple of changes in the update from 4.0 to 4.1. We handled that issue to. Now we updated to Version 4.2 and ran into some new problems.


We have many custom widgets wich are created with the base class "esri/widgets/Widget" (function "createSubclass") in the typical "amd-define-style". With the use of "esri/widgets/Widget" and the new possibilty of writing custom widgets with TypeScript, it seems to be a problem. After we change all the custom modules and use the base class "esri/widgets/Widgette", no error occured and our application works fine again.


So my important question is, is this base class "esri/widgets/Widgette" save for updates and can we use it in future?

A questions beside. Is there a main plan to support only custom widgets developed with TypeScript? No "amd-define-style" anymore?