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Survey123 Time Capture and calculation

Question asked by cmcclain on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by colin.campbell_RSPB

I am creating a form for use by field personnel to use during hydrant flushing.  Along with other data I want to capture how long the hydrant flushed.  I am thinking i can put two questions in my survey asking start time and end time.  I would like to auto populate this field with the current time when the hydrant is opened rather then when the survey is started, then again capture the time when the hydrant is closed. Can this be done or are my field guys going to have to dial in the times manually.  Then I need to calculate the duration of flush (this could be minutes to over an hour) so I can multiply by the flow rate to measure the water used during flushing.  Can this be done in Survey123 or will I need to do this on the back end.  Any help is appreciated.