JavaScript API - Customize LayerList

Discussion created by fishgame1 on Jan 27, 2017

I am loving the new LayerList module BUT I would like to request some changes to the UI/UX.


1.  Change the dropdown toggle to down and up arrows instead of the right and down arrows.


2. The first time you click on the layer groups title, expand to show the Sublayers (or legend) tab. Interestingly, this behavior only occurs AFTER you have expanded the layer group manually.


3. I like that you can turn a sublayer on/off by clicking the title or the preceding checkbox BUT it would be nice if clicking on the title of a layer group DIDN'T turn off all the layers (only expand/collapse the group).  Just using the arrows to expand/collapse the group is cumbersome when you have to use your finger (like on phones and tablets).