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Limiting access to layers within service

Question asked by mai_quynhnhu on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by fcbassongis

We have published a number of services to be consumed by an arcgis javascript application. The services have been structured based on user access to the services.


For example:








The idea is that each service's data will only be accessible to a particular role (e.g. Role Commune1_Water will be able to access only Commune1_Water service).


Now, I've been running into some front-end issues with my layer list widget: users would like to be able to group the services by commune, but keep access limited by service.


My question: Is there a way to publish a single service including all three networks (water, communications, and electricity) and still be able to block access within the service? Currently, I block access via ArcGIS for Server, locking the services for particular roles.