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WAB Print Widget printing with wrong basemap

Question asked by GIStime on Jan 26, 2017

Hello, I'm having a problem where the WAB 2.2 Print Widget is adding the World_Streep_Map layer to my prints. In the print request I can see the following parameters (tileid number changed)


"operationalLayers":[{"id":"World_Imagery_9999","title":"World_Imagery","opacity":1,"minScale":591657527.591555,"maxScale":70.5310735,"url":""},{"id":"VectorTile_9999","title":"Hybrid Reference Layer","opacity":1,"minScale":591657527.591555,"maxScale":1128.497176,"url":""

When I get the print back it is with the World_Streep_Map instead of World_Imagery, and I think the World_Street_Map being in the list of operationalLayers is the problem. I chose the Hybrid_Imagery in the "Choose Web Map" portion of the WAB app config, so I'm not sure where this is coming from. I do have a Basemap Gallery enabled.


Is the reference layer showing a bug? Any help?