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Operations Dashboard BUG

Question asked by dmcmilla@rctlma on Jan 23, 2017
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Operations Dashboard Question BUG:


I have a web map with two feature layers that are a "hosted view", this map is for public consumption showing construction closures (see link below to the web map)




I have a second web map that has the feature layers and they are editable and are used in an internal group not the general public.


Both maps have filters on the feature layers that only show roads that are closed. 


Both web maps work as expected and only roads that are closed show up.


Now I am taking the PUBLIC web map and creating a multi display operational  view  and a single display operational view to embed this into our website using operations dashboard (See link below)


Operations Dashboard 


When I view the maps opening operations dashboard both views show me only closed roads, when I share a link to the view and open the same map again in a web browser all roads show up, even though I created a filter?


I tried creating filters in operations dashboard, but was only successful getting the open roads to not show in the widgets, they still show up on the map.


Any thoughts or is this a BUG in the software.




Dave McMillan