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Web Appbuilder on my server gives white screen

Question asked by minnag on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by minnag

I have created a web appbuilder app online and successfully downloaded the code to my own server. The app is shared within my organization. When I access the site on my server fresh from the downloaded code I get the login dialog box but after putting in my arcgis online username and password the app lauches fine.


However, I then attempted to set up the proxy with a client id and client secret as I read in this forum that that was the way to get rid of the login dialog box for my organizational users. I have the proxy set up and I have tested it and it is working. I have registered the app on arcgisonline using my own site's url and I checked the radio button marked "Public" when registing the app. But now, when I lauch the app on my own server, I get the initial blue loading screen and then the screen just goes white -- no more login dialog, just nothing.


Can anyone help me get this app off the ground? Or help me understand why it isn't working?Robert Scheitlin, GISP or other gurus needed!


Thank you!