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Fields in Attribute Table for ArcGIS Pro Keep Moving Around, Why?

Question asked by danewilkinsmntc on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by jyh

I have a certain order I would like my fields in my attribute table to be arranged. Not a wild notion. It would explain why you are capable of moving the fields around in the first place but I would like these fields to remain where I move them, which is not the case most times I close the window or switch to a new tab. This has become annoying to the extreme as it hinders my representation of data to coworkers and higher ups. There is another problem I know others have tried addressing and which I hope has been fixed in 1.4 update but I thought I would mention as well here. When you do something as simple as switch from one tab to another the attribute tables will refresh and start at the beginning of the table which for large data sets is very time consuming and just plain bad coding. These two issues would greatly help my work flow and make my situation much better. 
PS: Building a Geodatabase and this doesn't help the progress