(Collector) Editing fields and selecting an option with a domain clears all other fields

Discussion created by brendon.joyce on Jan 17, 2017
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Hi all,


After the recent Collector update the maps we use to collect info on such things as hydrant maintenance and shoveling have been severely compromised. For example, our hydrant shoveling map has three statuses: Awaiting shoveling, shoveled, and requires repairs. These denote 3 colors to make it easier for our crew to see whats been done in real time. It has been working great for us. 


This morning I've found out that while editing and selecting a status that contains the 3 domain options that change the icons/colors proceeds to clear the rest of the fields we have for the hydrant (Street/Town/Make etc)...I've tried it on other maps (different uses/geodatabases/layers) and the same thing is occurring. This does not occur while editing in the browser on ArcGIS Online or ArcMap Desktop, but does occur on the Collector app on our tablets and smartphones. Is there some sort of fix or do I have to roll back the update?