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Clone Portal Users Workflow regarding  Remove existing users from target portal

Question asked by XJing-esristaff Employee on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by rsingh-esristaff

for In[6]

for srcuser in sourceusers:    if not srcuser.username in systemusers:        if srcuser.username is not target_admin_username: #don't delete the account used to connect            try:                targetusr = target.users.get(srcuser.username)                if targetusr is not None:                    print('Deleting user: ' + targetusr.fullname)                    targetusr.reassign_to(target_admin_username)                    targetusr.delete()            except:                print('User {} does not exist in Target Portal'.format(srcuser.username))

if I use targetusr.fullname, it always go to the exception, and never delete the user. But if I use targetusr.fullName I can delete the user without problem.


Is this expected?