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Securing an Application Created Using ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Question asked by deleted-user-gqr_hXrLM2-m on Jan 9, 2017
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I have not been creating Web applications for very long, and I am not very learned on topics involving Web security. With that being said, I have recently designed a Web application using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript for my organization, and have focused mainly on the design of the user interface, as well as the functionality that is made possible through the leveraging of ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS API for JavaScript. As I have been finishing up the design of the application, I have been browsing the Web, and have been seeing some pages that talk about risks that come with not, "securing your application" from hackers. Do any other developers using ArcGIS API for JavaScript actually routinely go through this process when creating applications? Or is it only necessary in certain situations (i.e. when sensitive data is being passed between client and server)? In my case, there really is not any sensitive data that being passed from client-to-server/server-to-client when application is being used. Any direction whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.