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Best practices for using Feature Services in multiple languages in Web AppBuilder

Question asked by mihkelmanna on Jan 9, 2017
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I need to localize my apps in two languages: my native language (Estonian), and English. While the localization of widgets and themes can be achieved easily with the use of nls files, I was wondering how to best localize Feature Services. I'd want to display the Feature Services' attribute information in the pop-ups and attribute tables in both languages (that is, in Estonian for apps that have their UI in Estonian, and in English for apps that have their UI in English).


I can think of a few ways how to achieve this:

  • displaying the translation to English in brackets for text fields: <text in Estonian> (<text in English>)
    This is the easiest solution but not the most elegant and could get messy for longer texts.
  • creating extra fields for the translations to English and hiding unnecessary fields for pop-ups and attribute tables with JavaScript
    The best solution that I can think of but hiding the fields could get a little tricky.
  • creating extra services with attribute information in English
    Again a simple solution but this could take the memory consumption of my services through the roof if the number of services grew.


Are there any other and smarter options available? All opinions are very appreciated!