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ArcGIS online map not displaying lables on Web appbuilder app

Question asked by CCweedcontrol on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by khutchins-esristaff

I had to create a new ArcGIS online map and build an app with ArcGIS web appbuilder with the newly online map. I uploaded some layers onto our ArcGIS online account to use on the new ArcGIS online map. I created labels for the layers under "manage labels" like i have normally in the past for other Online maps  to use on ArcGIS web Appbuilder. I can see the new labels on the new ArcGIS online map just fine. In the past i have not had issues with labels not showing up but as of today labels for the newly ArcGIS online map do not display/show up on the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder at all. I have created about 3 new ArcGIS online maps and created labels but they do not show up on the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder. At first i thought it was the layer but i have add a layer used in a different ArcGIS online map and Web App that does display labels fine and it doesn't display the labels.


I know there was and update to ArcGIS Online and am wondering if this new update some how did something to the labeling ...? Has anyone had this issue before?