ArcGIS online map not displaying lables on Web appbuilder app

12-20-2016 08:53 AM
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I had to create a new ArcGIS online map and build an app with ArcGIS web appbuilder with the newly online map. I uploaded some layers onto our ArcGIS online account to use on the new ArcGIS online map. I created labels for the layers under "manage labels" like i have normally in the past for other Online maps  to use on ArcGIS web Appbuilder. I can see the new labels on the new ArcGIS online map just fine. In the past i have not had issues with labels not showing up but as of today labels for the newly ArcGIS online map do not display/show up on the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder at all. I have created about 3 new ArcGIS online maps and created labels but they do not show up on the ArcGIS Web Appbuilder. At first i thought it was the layer but i have add a layer used in a different ArcGIS online map and Web App that does display labels fine and it doesn't display the labels.

I know there was and update to ArcGIS Online and am wondering if this new update some how did something to the labeling ...? Has anyone had this issue before?

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I am not a big AGOL WAB user so I have not tested the latest AGOL version but because it was just updated I would suspect that is the issue and call tech support (as there is nothing we can do to help the AGOL version here).

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My bad i thought i was posting in the ArcGIS online forum page.

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We haven't had any reports of issues with labels in Web AppBuilder embedded in ArcGIS Online since the update last week. As Robert suggested, please contact Esri Tech Support so we can investigate further and get repro steps from you.

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This problem is because web maps were updated to use Arcade labelling expressions in the December release and versions of the JSAPI earlier than 3.19 are unable to support this behavior. A patch for this was installed in Online last night so if you open your web map in the ArcGIS Online map viewer and make an update to the labels and save the web map you should see the labels in your app again.