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Editor Tracking fields not listed in Web APPBuilder

Question asked by jsn on Dec 19, 2016

Hello everyone,


I am editing a feature class in Web AppBuilder and I declared the fields CRTBY and MODBY in the feature class editor tracking field with ArCatalog


Web AppBuilder populates these fields automatically, but I am also testing if I can populate these fields in the program. The issue is that I am not able to see these fields in the source code.


When I run the code below it never finds CRTBY and MODBY. They are not in evt.adds[0].attributes




// Populate CRTBY and MODBY

if (evt.adds[0].attributes.hasOwnProperty('CRTBY')) {
evt.adds[0].attributes.CRTBY =[0].userId;
if (evt.adds[0].attributes.hasOwnProperty('MODBY')) {
evt.adds[0].attributes.MODBY =[0].userId;