Data Driven Pages and different page sizes

Discussion created by dneuf17 on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by dknolan

I'm a brand new user with ArcMap and I can't believe there isn't the capability to have different page sizes in one mxd file using Data Driven Pages.  I've used Autocad for years and having the capability of multiple layouts is a huge benefit.  I've asked for help with the issue and was told the only way around it was to save each map page (titleblock) as an individual mxd file.  So instead of having one working file now I'm going to have to update 25 files.


I found a ArcGIS lesson video where it mentioned using Python script to be able to open all 25 mxd files at once and have them all edited at the same time.  Is this possible?  Where can I contact someone who would be able to create this for me, or purchase it?


If it's known that this script is needed and this is an issue, why isn't it standard in ArcMap?  Is there something I'm missing.  Any guidance or help in this would be greatly appreciated.