What's Coming in the ArcGIS API 4.2 for JavaScript

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Web developers! Here’s a sneak peek from the Esri development team at a few highlights of the new JavaScript API release coming your way soon:

Vector Tile Layers Now in 3D!

Style Esri basemaps: Create unique styles for Esri’s vector tile basemaps tailored to your app and end user’s needs.

Your data, your vector tile layers: Create and publish your own vector tile layers using ArcGIS Pro.

Web Mercator and WGS84: Visualize vector tile layers in either Web Mercator or WGS84 for 3D globes, and any projection for 2D maps.


Smart Mapping in 3D

Explore your data in ArcGIS Online: In the next ArcGIS Online update, you will be able to use the Scene Viewer to explore color and size options for visualizing your data.

Continuous size and color: Let your data drive color and size of points in 3D space.

Simplify your code: Load your styled data into your app using a WebScene with only a few lines of code. Make updates to your WebScene from within your app and re-save it. You can even create one from scratch!


Widgets, widgets, widgets

Introducing the widget development pattern: Learn how to build your own widget using the API’s view-model design. You can also customize the view of one of the API’s widgets.

New API widgets: The LayerList and Print widgets will be included in the 4.2 release.


These are just a few of the exciting new capabilities you can expect when the 4.2 release of the JavaScript API is officially announced in the coming weeks. 


Visit the blog post for additional details: What's Coming in the ArcGIS API 4.2 for JavaScript