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Web AppBuilder and Javascript API - What to expect?

Question asked by David.Wendelken on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by dlaw-esristaff

Let me explain what I want to do.  Then - I hope - I can get some guidance on whether this is possible using Web AppBuilder.

Here's my current code situation.   I'm hoping to integrate web app builder into it so that much of what I've already written won't be needed anymore.  That will streamline application maintenance at upgrade time.

1. This will be on a private network with no access to the esri website.
2. Currently, users can choose a base map or add a layer from any Esri arcgis webserver they can reach on the network.  
3. They can also add WMS layers from non-Esri gis webservers. 
4. The users can get a list of these basemaps or layers to choose from.


5. They can re-order the layers and alter the transparency or visibility.
6. They can print the map.
7. They can export the data from feature layers that are on the map without being limited to the number of records the underlying services are limited to serve in one call.

I tried using the iframe to display a portal map.  It displayed just fine but I could not find a reliable, maintainable way to send instructions to the map from the parent page.  My users use IE and apparently there's some "extra special" feature that blocks access from the parent.

So, what should be my path going forward?

Is there a way to use the iframe that (a) works and (b) isn't very fragile code?

Is there a way to reference the portal map from the javascript api so it brings across all the capability that shows up if I call the map via an iframe or direct via the portal?

Will using a Web AppBuilder map with the javascript api allow this?   Or would I have to build widgets to supply the missing functionality that the built-in widgets can't do?  Can custom widgets with Web AppBuilder be made to handle the functionality points 1-7 above?  The documentation I've found so far has been really short on details.  Would love a good solid reference to great docs or tutorials!