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Using FeatureTable to update location of a point (JS API v3.x)?

Question asked by jay.gregory on Dec 13, 2016

Was curious if, using the JS API v3.18, it's possible to use the FeatureTable dijit to update the location of a record?  What I would like to do is have a "location" text attribute stored with the layer.  In the FeatureTable, if a user clicks on that attribute for a given record, instead of changing to a text box or domain related drop down menu, it changes to a search dijit.  A user can enter in a city, address, or lat/long, and once they hit enter (or unfocus or choose one of the suggested results), the search dijit uses the coordinates to update the location of the feature (as well as the "location" text attribute).  


I don't know how to override the default behavior for a feature table to get this behavior.  Is it even possible?