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Popup(Template) of featureLayer conflicting with MapView click events

Question asked by jacobbogers on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by jacobbogers

Hi and a good day to you all,  I am using ArcGIS 4 with Chrome and Node Backend serving data via JSON/XHR


  • I need to place symbols (showing information via popup when clicked) on the map
  • Allow the user to add new symbols if it clicks on unused location where NO symbol is (yet) placed. 


Achieved so far:
I have successfully created  a FeatureLayer which renders data I fetch via Ajax this part is working very fine, If I click on a feature I get a correct popup that shows attributes.


So far so good


For the "add new Feature" functionality I tried to use MapView.on("click", ...) which uses etc   also this works well , BUT, now the problem is that  IF I click on an item in the featurelayer the popup due to the featurelayer click is now replaced by the popup generated by MapView.on('click  process


I can I solve this problem?


Jacob Bogers