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1003 error when sending, no solution after troubleshooting

Question asked by Sonoma_Land_Trust on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Sonoma_Land_Trust

When submitting a completed survey I get the error 1003 rollback error.


I've checked some of the other past posts such as multiple geopoints, incompletely closed groups and time calculations.

I've removed the time calculation resulting in continued 1003 error.


I have 2 repeats.


I checked all groups and they all appear to be opened and closed completely.


The only oddity I might have is that I have a repeat inside a group, each repeat located inside a different group, however when I removed repeats nested in a group, the problem of 1003 error continued.

I tested if there is If there is no location for the larger survey as a whole if this was the problem, however my second version with a geopoint at the beginning of form still gets a 1003 error. 


One of the repeats has a single geopoint question.

There are no geopoint questions anywhere else in the form.


When I tested repeat without geopoint it would allow me to submit Survey.


Survey123 Connect and Survey123 version 1.9.24.


I thought this issue was resolved in 1.6