Post proceccing data from Trimble R1

Discussion created by FMNO_GIS on Dec 7, 2016
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We plan to buy a Trimble R1 to be used with collector for arcgis. The newest version of collector added support for high accuracy gps. I have understood that we can get realtime gps-messures with correction data (such as SBAS-support, EGNOS etc). Genereally, we need online-support to connect to the online correction services. But up north in Norway, we generally have poor EGNOS-coverage and often poor EDGE, 3G or 4G-support. Which means the normal situation for us i offline use.

To get high accuracy measurements with gps, we then need to post process the gps-data back at the office. To do the post proscessing, we plan to use the "Trimble Positions Desktop add-in" for Arcgis desktop.

What I have not found any answers so far is what we need on the phones (android or IOS).

Will collector be able to collect and attach these data in textfiles as long as it has contact with the R1?

Or do we need the app "Trimble Positions Mobile extension" to collect the post processing data, which then can be attached to collector?
Has anyone tried this? I would like to know. The mobile extension from trimble costs quite a lot of money, so it would be fine to not have to buy it.