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JavaScript API 4.1 StreamLayer not respecting purge options, bug?

Question asked by Avery123 on Dec 5, 2016

If I create a stream service and add features to it via simulators sending data to a GeoEvent processor I can see the features show up in a JavaScript API 4.1 app (i.e. the esri sample here: StreamLayer - 4.1 )
However, when I stop some of the simulators which then stop the feed for individual features, those features disappear after a second or two from the map.  I played with the purge options but that doesn't seem to make a difference.


Additionally, I've noticed that if I try the same sample in the JavaScript API 3.18 (i.e. here: StreamLayer using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server Stream Service) however, when using that API, it does not remove the graphics from the map when stopping the feeds for individual features (which is what I expect).

Has anyone else seen this behavior, or is this a bug in the 4.1 StreamLayer?