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ESRI Base map not showing up when using ArcGIS JavaScript API on Internet Explorer and Edge

Question asked by jantoun on Nov 30, 2016
 I developed my application on the Esri ArcGIS Online platform. My final application is housed in a Story Map; however the content of some of the individual pages were configured using Web App Builder and other pages were developed with the ArcGIS JavaScript API. All my content are shared publicly with Everyone and I imported all content through Http and not Https.
My application works perfect without having to sing in to ArcGIS Online when I use Chrome, Safari, or FireFox; however, the ArcGISJavaScript API generated content is problematic when using Internet Explorer and Edge. The layer content appears, but the Esri streets-navigation-vector basemap doesn't load when using ArcGIS JavaScript API with IE and Edge.
Thank you