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Speed up complex layer definition SQL on ArcGIS Server filegeodatabase

Question asked by piterpaulppp on Nov 30, 2016



Very complex question.

We have data published to ArcGIS Server as a map service (5 mil polygons in one filegeodatabase).

We need to filter it by fields.

The current structure contains fields that have pipe separated values, example:


AreaID AreaName ClientsNames

5            GreenPoly         John Smith|Steve White|David Black


Performance is slow  because we use "like"for this field "ClientsNames" in a layer definition to filter the layer.

example :

var layerDefinition;

layerDefinition[0] = "ClientsNames like '%John Smith%' OR ClientsNames like '%Steve White%'";



What is possible improvement of performance:

1) restructure the data

2) use relationship class (if possible for file geodatabase on ArcGIS Server)

3) ??