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Web App URL parameters

Question asked by Ystad1 on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by mike.robb

I have produced a map in Web App builder that I would like to create a URL for that opens the map in a specified place with one or several layers visible. I have read the information here:

Use URL parameters—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

I assume that it is the 'query=' parameter that I need to use. All of the layers in the map are in groups, meaning that I need to use <layer id_sublayer id>. Is it possible to add one more level to this? for example <layer id_sublayer id_sublayer id>. All of the layers have been added to the map as ArcGIS Server web services. When I add the encoded query to the url the map loads as it would without the query (the query parameter has no effect). At the moment I am trying to use layer names rather than IDs.


Adding a query to the URL works on another Web App where the layers have been uploaded to ArcGIS Online from shape files and are not grouped. 


My questions: Is query the correct parameter to use or is there a better method? Does Query work with web services? Does query work with layers that are grouped in a subgroup within a subgroup?