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How to make a render with a group layer (for a thematic classifier)

Question asked by rolandoflorez17 on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by rolandoflorez17

This is that I want:

Make a render with this layer (barrancabermeja/mapa_tematico_malla_GBD), I added that layer but it includes the sublayers ( ancho calzada (0), tipo de capa de rodadura (1), numero de carriles (2) ). 

When I print the operational layers (and other thematic layers too) I see the structure of the layer above, but It doesnt have the fields property. I think that I need the fields to make the renderer. But, I dont know How to get the fields of each sublayer there. 

If I add one layer like mapserver/0 (barrancabermeja/mapa_tematico_malla_GBD/0) , and I print that in the console, I can see the fields property, otherwise, not.