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Calling asmx web service from javascript

Question asked by wmakari on Nov 23, 2016
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Dear all,

I have some legacy asmx web services that I would like to call from javascript for the custom widget I am building. The asmx web service has a number of operations that take input parameters to run. I have attempted to the web service as shown below

var requestData = esriRequest({

   url: ".../webservice.asmx/OperationName",

   content: {parameterName: "parameterVale"},

   handleAs: "xml"




   function (data){



function (error){




When I run I get the following error in the console

RequestError: Unable to load //mydomainname/webservicename.asmx/OperationName?parameterName=parameterValue status: 500.


I can run the webservice manually by the way and it returns the result xml as I expect to. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Using Javascript 3.18