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Replication and Sync'ing Hosted Feature Layers to local gdb?

Question asked by deleted-user-t3dSviijg-m9 on Nov 17, 2016
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Situation: We are using editor tracking with our Windows Domain Active Directory. It works just fine for edits made by users on ArcGIS Desktop. Problem... when field users use Collector with feature services coming from our ArcGIS for Server, Collector does not pass credentials for editor tracking, we get "ArcGIS_Anonymous" or whatever it is. I understand this is an inherent issue. So what are the workarounds? Hosting the features layers on ESRI's cloud? That's fine, it will keep track of editors, albeit, with their AGOL usernames and not our Active Directory, but will still give an indication of who edited it. 


The question: Is there a way to host those layers on ESRI's cloud, while maintaining a replicated copy of it? It seems like a pain to have to continuously download the data to get a local copy which becomes out of date quickly and requires another download, and then another, etc. etc. etc.


It just seems easier to host the data in the cloud, and have a replicated version sitting locally so data and be reconciled to ESRI's cloud and vice versa. 


The whole point is to be able to maintain editor tracking from field users, and try to avoid having to download copies from AGOL all the time. 


Would ArcGIS Online - collector app pass ArcGIS for Server authentication?