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Feature Table Show/Hide Issue

Question asked by CGSJohnson on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by CGSJohnson

I have a map on which I am loading a couple feature layers.  Additionally, I am adding 2 feature tables, each one associated with one of the feature layers.  Because the layers are scale-dependent, I am only showing one table at a time using jQuery's show() and hide() functions.


At the initial extent, only one table is shown.  When a user zooms in a couple levels, that first table disappears and the second table appears.  The show/hide function is working well, for the most part.  The issue that I am encountering is that when the second table appears, the column headers are not present in the feature table.  If I add/hide a column through the "Options" menu, then the column headers appear again.


An interesting twist...if I leave both tables visible at the initial extent and zoom in, when the second table re-appears, it shows with the column headers.


Any idea what could be causing this issue?