How to Extract Value from Raster into Polygon?

Discussion created by tatekim on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by tatekim

Hi, GIS users.

I am struggling with extracting value from raster into each polygon.

I have two layers, which are major crop raster and field boundary shapefile.

I attached a picture to explain what I want to do in detail.



Black line shows single polygon for each field boundaries, and yellow and red colors represent corn and soybeans respectively.

Each color includes single pixels (30 by 30 meters).  

I want to know how many pixels are located in each field.

I may need to clean (delete) some pixels in raster file since there are many single pixels located in field boundary. 

However, I really want to know how may pixels are combined in each field boundary. 

Please help me what tools should I used to do that. 

Thank you.