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VectorTileLayers and IE? Module loading timing problem?

Question asked by myESRIUName on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by rscheitlin

There's obviously something about these VectorTileLayers, that I just don't get...


In IE (I'm using IE 11), if I point to this URL: 


The map and VectorTileLayer loads up and displays fine.


If I take the exact same HTML code (from "View source") and save it to a file on my server, when I try to load the HTML, I get a "layer not supported" error in the debugger because I set it to break on all exceptions. No message in the console; the map and vector layer just don't display.


I thought perhaps there was some cross-domain thing going on because the same HTML will work in Chrome and Firefox so I downloaded the JSON that the page references and saved it on my server as well. Still get the layer not supported error.


Is it possible there's a timing error in loading the modules that is exacerbated in IE with it's script loading mechanism somehow?


Obviously, this is just an example of a problem I'm having in my own application, but unless I can figure this out, we're not going to be able to use these VectorTileLayers in our apps, not matter how promising they might be.