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How to set Refresh Interval for Feature Collection in Web AppBuilder?

Question asked by mgmccart on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by rscheitlin

I need to set the refresh interval for a Feature Collection for a hosted site developed in Web AppBuilder. I cannot use the 'Info Summary Widget' for this because it won't allow 2 widgets to be run at the same time. If I enable the Info Summary Widget to start refreshing the Feature Collection, it turns on my 'Summary Widget'/Ticker that I need open all the time for the end user.


I don't want to use a Feature Service due to the connection limitations we've run into in the past for our popular AGOL-hosted apps. 


I've downloaded the app to Web AppBuilder Developers 2.2 edition and download the code to host it locally. However, I am not seeing where I can set the refreshInterval for the only layer I have in the map (excluding the basemap, which we are not allowing users to change).


Can someone point me to the correct file I need to update? I'm pretty sure the update needs to occur to one of the .js files in jimus.js\LayerInfos\ directory but I am rather new to the Web AppBuilder.


Thanks in advance!