QueryTask results(FeatureSet) to GP Tool

Discussion created by rtolapi on Dec 15, 2010
  I have published a BUFFER geoprocessing tool(Asynchronous) in ArcGIS Server 9.3.1.

  1. Tested this REST service at GP page by passing json objects, results are fruitful.

  2. Tested this GP REST service from javascript by getting the input point for BUFFER by clicking a point on the map, results are fruitful.

  Issue is...

  3. Trying to do SubmitJob for this BUFFER GP service by getting the input points from a QueryTask result (FeatureSet) using Javascript API.
  Debugged the code in Firebug, after executing the line gp.submitJob, execution is ended without throwing any error. Also respective data folders are not generated in arcgisjobs folder on the server.

  Appreciate your valuable help on this...