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Convert Raster (DEM) to .STL for 3d Printing

Question asked by haggepatd on Oct 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by acrawford-esristaff

I'm not sure if this is a geoprocessing question or a data management question, but I need to convert a basic raster (DEM of state resampled/clipped down to the exact state borders) to an STL file type for 3d printing.  I have zero experience with 3d printing, but after trying all sorts of workarounds online last week -- including installing QGIS which claims to have a DEM to STL that added lots of extra space around my border -- I am just about to give up.  Surely there is some arctoolbox function or script that I can use to work from DEM --> STL that preserves my non-rectangular state border from the DEM?  The TIN function looks horrific, by the way, so that one is out.   This may be the most basic question, but again, I have no experience at all with STL 3d print files.  Also, I have all possible extensions & the advanced ArcInfo license so if ArcGIS has it, surely I can access it.  Thanks in advance~