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shape.area 0 after insert to oracle polygon featureclass

Question asked by agray1 on Oct 27, 2016
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I have a versioned (not move to base) polygon feature class in oracle.  I do an insert to the versioned view to create a new feature.  The result looks valid, there is a feature, it has a polygon, it works in ArcMap but looking at the table the shape.area is zero, the shape.length has a value.  Versions are Oracle 11gR2 and Geodatabase 10.3.1.


This is the code in oracle:

insert into mytable_evw (begdate, globalid,  shape)


sysdate +3,


sde.st_transform(sde.st_geometry('linestring(104 87, -47 71, -93 64, -148 72, 104 87)', 4326), (select  srid from sde.st_geometry_columns where table_name= ‘MYTABLE’))




Another thing I found strange is that if I didn't provide the last coordinate pair matching the first, the polygon didn't form porperly contrary to the documentation I read.