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Blob field not showing up in AGOL Map

Question asked by cmascioletti on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by KCullen-esristaff

I created a comment field with the field type as Blob in the RoadBlock feature class that is the Local Government Model.  I gave it a length of 1500.  I needed to create this field because I need to add comments longer than 255 characters. I published the service, created an editing map in ArcGIS Online, added test data, typed information in the comment field (field type Blob), saved the map and then refreshed the map.  After I refresh the map, I check to see if all the data is there; everything shows up but what was written in the comment field.  Whatever I type into the comment field does not get saved like the other data does (date, name, reason type etc).  Does the blob field type not show up in ArcGIS Online?