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Feature Layer Labels Custom Widget

Question asked by on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by soldous

Hi All,


i am creating a custom widget that utilises a feature layer created either from a feature collection or a URL to an existing published feature service (I have tried both methods). I want to label the features but I have tried every possibility going with no luck.


if I create a sample HTML page using the 3.18 JS library out side of WAB I can get the labels to appear. I think the issue is setting the map.showLabels to true within the widget.


To experiment a little further I have tried turning the map attribution off within the widget using map.showAttribution = false but this does not work either. I see there is no getter or setter methods for changing these attributes to the map object.


has anyone else managed to get labels to work on a feature layer within a WAB widget? Or is this a limitation of WAB?