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custom basemap not working 4.1 api

Question asked by ramkumar on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by lukasr

I am new to JS API4.1. I tried installing it on a system with Windows 7 running IIS. The instructions given in the install.html were followed. But, the following error is seen in console after using the test API code given in the install.html page.that loads a custom basemap. I have tested the Map service that i was using and checked the JS API 4.1 init.js through web browser. All things seem to be working fine.


The error reads as follows:

TypeError: this._layerViewsMap.forEach is not a function.


The JS API and the service URL are seen to be going through in the console window.


Request for immediate responses.

Ram Kumar.