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Is there a way to interact in a python script with manually selected feature ?

Question asked by Victor.G on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by BTLeslie

Hello everyone,


I have to repeat hundreds of time the operation of selecting manually some points in a layer (can't make a script for that as the selection is not depending on location or attribute), and then save those points into a new layer, adding them a row and entering a value.

I tried to script it but it seams that the "apply to selected feature" in a python script only works for "in-script" previously selected feature and not for manually in map selected ones.

I also tried to add an add-in button, but at this point, I am totally unable to reach the goal.

At least I would like to be able to automatically save the selected points as a new layer in the database, without having to do everything "by-hand" as this operation will be repeated hundreds of time.


Thanks in advance for your interest,