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How to change createClassedColorRenderer() params value?

Question asked by zhouleizhou on Oct 18, 2016

 I am using the following function to create smart mapping. After this method is done, I need to use another function to change the classificationMethod string from "quantile" to "natural break"


function createRenderer(field) {

            //smart mapping functionality begins


              layer: layer,

               field: field,

               basemap: map.getBasemap(),

               classificationMethod: "quantile"

            }).then(function (response) {



               createLegend(map, layer, field);




My question is: is there any statement that I can change the classsificationMethod value from “quantile” to “natural break” outside the scope of function createRenderer() {….}

For example: 

smartMapping.createClassedColorRenderer.classficationMethod = “equal-interval”;

Is this correct? Thanks!