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ARCGIS Spatial SQL: Check is a feature shape is with an other

Question asked by Mart0369 on Oct 17, 2016
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Oracle 11g R2 database

Arcgis server 10.3.1

SRID: 300017 (of both tables)


I would like to use spatial sql to check is a given Features shape (A) is found to be with in or the majority of the shape is touching, another Feature Classes features(B) set.


I was thinking something like below, but I'm always getting back 'no data'. I have checked, visually, in arcmap and layers, what feature of B that A falls inside. So I know what the expected results should be. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.



select r.regionCode
into rCode
from Regions r, analysis an
sde.st_intersects( an.shape,r.shape) = 1;



Any help in either correcting my sql above or a suggestion on an alternative would be great.