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Error with logging in with Enterprise users for Explorer

Question asked by emg117 on Oct 13, 2016

I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the new error with iOS 10+ using Explorer where Enterprise users cannot log in.

I've spoken to ESRI and they have written it up as a bug, but I am looking for the community to help me with coming up with solutions. So far I have 3 which may or may not help anyone.


1- tell users to log into their web browser on the mobile device and go to to see their maps. Enterprise logins work here and there is a GPS option as well. Functionally though, it isn't Explorer.

2- port Explorer maps to Collector and just turn off editing. Again there is a reason we veer our end-users to Explorer, its easier.

3- create new accounts temporarily for users until the bug is fixed. Main problem is you only have so many accounts you can create.


This has really hampered our deployment of mobile GIS and I didn't want anyone else to get blindsided by this. If you can think of a better alternative, I am eager to hear it.