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Adding custom error in  a published geoprocessing service using ArcPy?

Question asked by DemersM on Oct 12, 2016

Is it possible to replace the default arcpy error message with a custom message using `arcpy.AddError(msg)` or else for a GP Service published into ArcGIS Server?


if I use:


    arcpy.AddError("This is my custom error message")


My custom message only appears printed in the details. like this: (sorry its in french):


       error : {
           code: 400,
           message: "Unable to complete operation.",
           details: [
                      "Erreur d’exécution de l’outil. AppLogin Job ID:    
                          jfe0aa728897644eb9344fa9fc7a48864 : This is my custom error message
                          Échec de l’exécution de (AppLogin).
                          Échec de l’exécution de (AppLogin)."


What I want instead its just:


        error : {
            code : 400,
            message : "This is my custom error message"